frameless shower door installation

Shower Doors Installation: Take Advantage of the Professionals

Homeowners attempting their own shower door installation without training or experience run the risk of damaged tiles, shattered glass, leaks, and personal injury. To avoid these problems, homeowners should look to businesses that offer shower door installation, installing frameless shower doors and more traditional steel framed ones. When seeking out the best door installers, customers should look for the following benefits.

While customers can install or replace shower doors on their own, it is a much easier, quicker, and cheaper process when an expert does it. Professional shower door installers can prevent water damage from leaking seals, as well as cracks and breakage from misaligned doors.

The business that sold the shower door or unit will often offer a discount for installation. They will also conduct maintenance and repairs. This make the installer a one-stop-shopping experience for all the customer's shower needs.The most durable, lasting, and safest product belongs to homeowners when they have experts install a frameless shower door. While a framed door relies on bulky metal and professional shower door installation process is made of fragile, thin glass, a frameless door is made of thicker (three-eights to half-inch), shatter-proof material.The lack of a metal frame makes the shower unit much easier to clean.

The beauty and the easy maintenance of a light, glass unit can raise the value of a home. Doors and enclosures can be cleaned quickly and easily with non-ammonia cleaner and a squeegee.Pre-made doors can be ordered, shipped, and completely installed in as little as one week. Specially-designed doors may take a bit longer. The installation of the door itself is only a 1-2 hour process.Special glass treatments are also available.

These help reduce soap scum, dirt, and persistent moisture on glass surfaces. Treatments like EnduroShield are a part of the glass itself, meaning the treatment will not erode or wipe off.When performed by the homeowner, a frameless shower door installation has many drawbacks that can lead to higher spending over time. On the other hand, professional installers can helo homeowners at every stage of the project, from design and door selection to installation and ongoing maintenance. Finding the best shower door installer is by far the easiest, cheapest, most worry-free solution.

When seeking a shower installation professional, customers should look for businesses that also have experience in plumbing and contracting. These businesses will know how to alter or work around pre-existing installations such as shower heads and water pipes. Installers should be licensed, bonded, and insured professionals. Once the business and shower door are selected, customers can expect fast, convenient service at a reasonable cost.